Sunday, November 29, 2009

Natacha, Mario and Baby Jacob!

This afternoon I met Baby Jacob! He is only three weeks old!
I first met Natacha and Mario in September for maternity photos along the Ottawa River, at the old Mill Restaurant!
Here are a few photos from this afternoon!

Michelle, Andrew, Sophia and Gabriella!

It has been a year since I last photographed this family and I was so excited to be back today!
The girls were gorgeous in their matching dresses and very busy!
Here is a photo of Gabriella and Sophia! More to come!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baby on the way!

Today I had the opportunity to photograph this lovely family in their home!
Big sister to be Elizabeth was so much fun and their home was filled with lots of beautiful natural light!
Here are a few photos from this morning! More to come tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stars and snow....

Tonight the studio was set up with stars and snow! First, Sydney and Rider with their dog MooMoo! Next was Lisa with her two dogs Lyla and Tyson! It was fun in the studio tonight! I will have more photos later, but here is one for each shoot!

Jennifer, Jesse and Ryland!

It has almost been a year since I last photographed Ryland and boy has he grown! He was crawling last time and now he is running and climbing! He was busy but we had lots of fun!
Here are a few shots from last night!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Keana and Kavan!

My final shoot of the day yesterday was Kavan and Keana!
Keana was gorgeous wearing her Christening gown and Kavan looked great in his shirt and bow tie!
I first met this family for portraits at the Experimental Farm this fall!
Here are a few shots from last night!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baby Sophie!

This morning started out with a couple who had been together over 50 years! I took some portraits of the lovely couple and was in awe at the love and warmth they brought with them!
Then I had the pleasure of meeting baby Sophie and her family! She is a serious and quiet girl but absolutely adorable!
Here are a few photos from their session. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Savannah's First Birthday Party!

Today I had the pleasure of photographing Savannah's first birthday party!
Here are a few photos from this afternoon!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby on the way!

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy and her wonderful family!
Nancy had some great ideas and we had a lot of fun!
Here are a few photos from this afternoon, more to come!
I will see this family again in the New Year for newborn photos! I can't wait!

Katie, Ben and Baby Ally!

This morning I had the fun of visiting Katie, Ben and Baby Ally!
Here are a few photos from the session! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

this little piggy...

Here are a few more photos from yesterday shoot with Kizzy, Ryan and Baby Myles! All about the toes!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kizzy, Ryan and Baby Myles

Today I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this lovely family!
Myles was a little serious at first but was all smiles by the end!
Here are a few shots from this great shoot!

St. Joe's Women's Centre

It is Holiday Portrait time at the Women's Centre!
My final year working at St. Joe's we started what has become an annual event - Holiday Portraits! This is the 4th year we are putting on this wonderful event. St. Joe's is a day program for women and children who are homeless or at risk.
They offer a variety of services and programming.
Marsha, Director of St. Joe's, organizes volunteer Hair Stylists and volunteer Make up Artists and catering and we make a day of makeovers and portraits for the Women and children who use the center!
I always look forward to this day, it is a great day and so much for the women!
St. Joe's is always in need of donations, but particularly this time of year.
Please visit: and donate toiletries, clothing, toys and or any gift certificates or YOUR TIME!
Everything and any time is always in need and so very much appreciated!
If anyone is interested in helping with the Holiday Portrait Day on December 6th please feel free to email me! Thanks!
Here is a portrait from last year, a Mom and her daughter who come to the Centre!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holiday Portraits.

It's time! One of my favorite times of year, the holidays, spending time at home with family, catching up with friends, eating and of-course portraits!
This is the time of year I start getting ready to do holiday portraits for clients, and my family.
I was going through last years dresses and thinking about what to do this year..... fun for me and hopefully the girls too!
Ella loves getting dressed up for the camera and this morning while trying on last years outfits did a shoot with her very best friend, Cocker Spaniel!
Here is a shot from this morning! Enjoy! And I look forward to a November and December full of families for their portraits!