Friday, April 9, 2010

One more baby Pyper....

Okay, one more! I am so lucky to get to photograph these tiny new little people! I love it! I am looking forward to a busy weekend of shooting and will have lots of new posts up!
I am also finishing up an event from last night, Happy Birthday Laura!
Thank you to everyone for passing my name and information around, I continue to receive new inquiries daily! I am so excited to meet and work with all my new clients and seeing returning clients for numberous events in their lives, whether it yearly family portraits, maternity, newborn, first birthdays, weddings, family gatherings.... thank you all!
I am looking to capture the beauty and incredible moments of birth! Please anyone interested in more information please message me anytime! I will only be able to accept a limited number this year, but please do let me know! THANKS!
xo tia

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