Sunday, July 11, 2010


Everyone know's how much I love wedding gowns! I love wearing them and photographing them!
One day I hope to shoot a wedding gown collection!
Today, while in the market looking for the new boutique that carries Justina McCaffrey wedding gowns, I walked in to a photoshoot, staring Justina!
Justine and Justina are combining boutiques on Sussex Avenue and her new collection is there!
She is my absolute, all time favourite wedding gown designer! I have been admiring her gowns since walking into her Boutique, then, Justina McCaffrey Haute Couture and trying on her gowns myself! I am not a girly girl or every really felt pretty but when I put her gowns on I felt like a princess!
I had the opportunity as a Photography Student to go into the boutique with my good friend from childhood, dancer Melissa and model Caitlin and had them pose in the window of the boutique in two gowns! It was an amazing opportunity and was my final portfolio piece at Exhibition!
Below is one of the photos!
Justina and her gowns are back! You can see her new collection at and can go to Justine and Justina at 541 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario!
It was an incredible surprise! Thank you Giovanni for taking our photo!

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Karyn McKinnon said...

So cool that you got to meet her!
And Christina, you look beautiful with or without a wedding gown on! :)