Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pinto Valley Ranch - Easter Portraits!

A huge thank you to Tracy and everyone at Pinto Valley for having me for the day last weekend to photograph children with the baby animals for Easter!
Especially Emma and Gabby for getting each animal, putting them in the set, putting them back in the set... taking them for feedings, back and forth! You guys are amazing!
I am back there again for more portrait this coming weekend, April 24th, if anyone missed the first date and want to come then, please message me! It will be another fun filled day! Remember to bring some spare clothes to explore the farm after, pony rides, petting zoo and lots more!!
Here are a few photos from this day! Anyone who has not received them images yet, I'm working on it! Soon! My apologize for the wait!
Thanks everyone who came out!

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