Saturday, January 7, 2012

Natalie, Kaya and Asha!

Friday I met Natalie, her daughter Kaya and niece Asha for a photo shoot at their home!
At first Kaya wasn't in the mood for photos even though they had been practicing all week!! But after some Yogurt and Disney channel she was ready to go and what a smile!!!
Dad, Alain came over for some photos as well and the drawing game on his ipad was the solution for some adorable pictures!
Here are a few photos from our session!


inspired moments said...

Christina... you are a remarkable talent. Your photos truly capture the essence of the moment, of the person, of the dynamic, of the relationship. You are photography.

Christina MacPherson said...

Wow, thank you. You are always there, just when I need it! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment! xo